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Youth/Beginner's Arrows

$3.50 each/ $40.00 per dozen

See youth arrows

Available in 24", 26", or 28". 
Great for back yard target practice. 
2 " real feathers, extruded metal tips, and wooden shafts. For up to 35# bows - No color choices, but we will try to accommodate your wishes if possible.

*Group Discounts for camps, schools and Scouts



Traditional Wood "Stock" Arrows


See Stock Arrows

We can advise
   for best choices


Our Traditional Wood Arrows are Port Orford cedar, stained walnut or natural and finished with two coats of hard lacquer that resists target burn. These arrows are weighted and cut to your particular needs (draw length, bow weight, shooting style). Matched within 20 grains and 5# spine groups. All three feathers are the same color or enhanced visual tracking. Comes with Bohning Classic Index Nock and includes cutting to your draw length with field points installed (other point choices by special order). Feathers will be parabolic or shield cut. (see arrow introduction)

Specific color & feather cut choices are not available, though we will try to meet requests if possible.


Traditional Wood "Custom" Arrows


Handmade to order



Our Traditional Wood Custom Arrows are plain and unadorned, but more closely matched within +/-10 grains or less and very carefully spined for deflection & cock position. Shafts are Port Orford cedar walnut stained and sealed with two coats of burn resistant lacquer. Each set is straightened several times during the construction assuring you a fine performing set. 

*Includes Index Nock, cutting to your draw length, precise point installation & alignment, and feather tips rolled & glued for smooth transition off the shaft. Specify feather cut and fletch & nock colors.  Feathers are solid color and left wing by default, right wing special order.  Handmade to order.

Feather shapes available are:  Parabolic (4", 5", 5.5"), Shield (4", 5", 5.5"), Traditional, Banana, Mediterranean, Howler, Mini-Howler, and Low-Profile Howler. See colors and shapes here.

Beautiful barred feathers can be added in place of solid color feathers for a small additional charge.  All barred feathers are black plus a secondary color. 
     - 1 Dozen Barred Feathers:  $5.00
     - 2 Dozen Barred Feathers:  $10.00
     - 3 Dozen Barred Feathers:  $15.00


Traditional Aluminum Arrows

Handmade to order


Available in custom shaft size & length with your choice of nock color & feather color and shape
see above for details

- Easton XX75 Blues, Jazz, or Gamegetter - $105.00/dozen
- Easton XX75 Platinum, Camo, Legacy, or Realtree - $125.00/dozen
- Easton X7 Eclipse Black or Blue - $150.00/dozen
Easton XX78 Super Slam Digital - $155.00/dozen


Traditional Carbon Arrows

Handmade to order


Available in custom shaft size & length with your choice of nock color 
& feather color and shape
see above for details

- Carbon Express Heritage - $135.00/dozen
- Easton Traditional Only - $145.00/dozen
- Arrow Dynamics Traditionals - $185.00/dozen



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