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Archery Accessories

  We supply everything that you will need to enjoy shooting traditional bows for target archery and bow hunting including:   
  If we donít have it, weíll get it for you!

We also supply custom hand-made strings of Dacron or fast-flight. For those of you who want to try a fast flight string but donít want to threaten the life of your bow, we make a fast-flight string with about 40% B-50 woven into the loops. This "fattens" and cushions the loop, spreading the shock over a wider area of your limb-tips as well as quieting down the extra noise that can come from fast-flight string material. It also makes the string last much longer.

While not our specialty, we can supply some of the most common articles of clothing for your hunting needs. If you donít see what you need, please inquire.

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