Optional Set-up for the Bear Wizard, Crusader & Titan Bow
(Also for the #48, #56 and #60 kits)

  • Application of a nock point on the bow string will enhance consistent arrow placement. 

  • The cost is $4.00 for nock point only and is optional.

  • We can additionally offer you a bow set-up with installation of a nock point and string silencers.

  • Although this is is a good shooting bow right out of the box, the set-up provides better and more consistent accuracy, proper arrow fight, reduced recoil and a quieter bow.

The cost is $10.00 for silencers plus nock-point and is optional.
Please request when ordering.

Nock point

  • Nock point positioned accurately on the bow string

  • Arrow should be positioned directly BELOW  this point

  • Provides for consistent aiming every time

Bow string silencer

  • Shows silencer detail from one side
    (One silencer is applied at either end of the string)